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Palladium, Iridium & Rhodium Prices - Foretelling Higher Platinum Prices

Palladium at $1600 makes no sense to me when April Platinum is $877. Iridium at $1485 per ounce, 70% higher than Platinum, historically traded at big discounts to Platinum. Rhodium at $3300 per ounce? Sure there is a reason, reflecting demand for Rhodium in catalytic converters and in the glass industry. But news flash! All of these markets are small. Check out the detailed analysis in my eBook,  

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Russia's In Charge!

Today is Wednesday, March 20, 2019. April Platinum is $857. Reuters reported yesterday that Russia was planning to ban exports of precious metals scrap. Some likely small amount of that scrap is Palladium. But here is what is important... in the Platinum Group Metals (PGM) market, "RUSSIA IS LARGE AND IN CHARGE!" At this early stage of the rerating of the PGM marketplace, I don't think you will yet hear this from anyone else!" So what do I mean? Russia produces 70% of the world's Palladium, and 11% of the world's Platinum, as a by product of nickel production. The reserves, in the ground, in Russia, are enormous. Russia is clearly the factor in Palladium, which is at all time highs, with demand...

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Platinum's Broad Use Will Surprise You

The classic article on Platinum which offers a terrific frame of reference that is still relevant today, though published in the November, 1983 National Geographic Magazine, Volume 164, No. 5, is titled "The Miracle Metal Platinum" and was written by Gordon Young. I am in the process of requesting permission from National Geographic to reproduce this very informative perspective. One quote in this article, on page 686, is particularly noteworthy, and significant: "It (Platinum) is used in the manufacture of perhaps one out of five of today's products." Yes, I have noted in my eBook that Platinum is ubiquitous throughout modern society, and in fact it is also my understanding that somewhere in the manufacturing chain, Platinum is used in...

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There's Geopolitical Risk in the PGM Space

The blogs that I wrote today, entitled, "Russia Is In Charge!" and "There's a Big Problem Brewing!" simply distill to an issue of geopolitical risk in the Platinum Group Metal market.  Russia is the most strategic player, with massive reserves of Platinum Group Metals that the world needs. And South Africa, that also has huge reserves is facing significant power issues, labor issues, and ongoing challenges relating to mining businesses functioning in a government and society that is left of center. And within this construct, Russia clearly has abundant power and no labor issues, and now that the Stillwater, Montana PGM mine is no longer owned by US entities (a large stake was first sold to the Russian company, Norilsk, and the...

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There's A Big Problem Brewing!

What does an economy need to function? Energy! It is essential for the functioning of modern every day life for citizens of a country, and for the country's businesses. And no one will argue that power is not a critical ingredient for the huge South African mining industry. As I have reported earlier, and discuss in my eBook, the South African power company, known as ESKOM, is seriously troubled. Miningmx.com, an excellent daily publication reporting on issues within South Africa and the mining industry, just published an article today, entitled, "Eskom running viability exercise on Medupi, Kusile as SA faces more power cuts."  I want to quote from this thorough assessment of ESKOM's current status. "Engineers are visiting the power...

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