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A Few Valuable Resources To Help Inform You On Platinum Group Metals

One of the very best resources is published by Johnson Matthey (JM), the major and highly reputable factor in every single aspect of the Platinum Group Metal markets. JM just published their "JM Quarterly PGM Market Report," a deeply thorough report available for free, at platinum.matthey.com. Another source that I find to be excellent and a very thorough classic, market oriented approach, is research done by Andrew Hecht at Seeking Alpha. I have never met or spoken with Andrew, and of course have no self interest in sharing his name, other than to give you a helpful resource. From my observation, Andrew has been an informed commentator on the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) for years, as well as other commodities....

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I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is!

Readers of my blog and eBook know that I have a very bullish view on Platinum and the Platinum Group Metals in general. While I have fully disclosed my positions in my eBook, I want to be clear that I am long Platinum futures, own physical Ruthenium, and have a position in Sibanye-Stillwater, (SBGL).  So, on the one hand I put my money where my mouth is. I do believe it, hence my investment approach. But you should also be aware that I am "speaking my book," both literally and figuratively even if I enjoy, and feel fulfilled, doing my best to share my ideas for your benefit.   

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I'm Stomping My Feet!

Today is a very interesting day in the markets. Palladium futures are down to $1463, a drop of $53 dollars. Palladium has had a huge run. While I do expect that the deficit in Palladium will continue, and that Palladium will ultimately trade higher, given my overall view of mispricing in the Platinum Group Metal (PGM) space, it certainly also is consistent with the way markets always work, that stuff goes up, and trades down. In the meantime, July Platinum as we speak is $868.7. The market is torn; it originally traded up over $10 dollars and now is positive by $2.90. The markets are trying to figure out what in the world is going on with Platinum?  The answer...

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This Stock Is A Jock!

I just posted that I like how Platinum is trading. I feel the same about Sibanye-Stillwater, SBGL, the South African miner that owns the Stillwater Palladium complex in Montana, as well as Gold and Platinum in South Africa (SA). Sure, this stock is up from the low $4s, after having had a huge move from the $2s. Still, I love their fundamental position; the insightful management; and the future. My position has an average cost of $4.26 which I started buying a bit north of $4.3 and kept adding as SBGL recently dropped briefly to $3.77. So my cost is not a bargain based on trading over the past 6 months, but I remain very comfortable with even adding at...

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Bring Your Shovel!

I would start shoveling Platinum into your portfolio NOW! Today is Tuesday, March 26, 2019 and July Platinum is $865.3, up a few bucks on a day that Gold is down $6 and Palladium off by $27.6. As much as Platinum has in fact been volatile and it is easy to find days where sellers predominate, as Jim Cramer says on CNBC'S Mad Money, "They Know Nothing!"  

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