Observations of An Old Salty Dog

Some insights for an old salty dog, observing the GameStop, Robin Hood, Reddit sea change.

Standing here on the deck of this wooden sailing ship, recent experience has brought the horizon and the future close enough to taste the spray of the new waves of change. 

Money Flows - The amount of money in the system is so massive that it collectively is bigger than any single idea, or entity or institution.

Targeting - While there may be tens of thousands of ships in the fleet, somehow all of the wind finds itself blowing on just a few.

Communication - This occurs as a function of the universally available, immediate ability to communicate to a vast collective of cohorts.

Challenges to Conventional Thinking - For those of us in the market, an underlying assumption, almost without exception, is that participation, ie investment, is based on the theme of capturing economic opportunity and avoiding economic risk. This is not necessarily the case as players in the extraordinary market moves are in fact intent on making statements.

A Cultural Moment - So an important underlying tenet of what appear as dislocations are actually challenges to the establishment; buoys dropped to mark their tack in the ocean; captains leading their ships.

Market Structure - Assumptions about how things work are called into question.

For this old dog on a wooden sailing ship, Im left in wonder at the innovation and changes in thinking that I am fortunate to witness... like a shift in wind powered vessels to nuclear subs. It leads me to be even more focused on my ideas and thinking, and in a social sense, to remain committed to sharing and giving. Why? Because, after closely listening and being wide open to absorbing, it is where I have confidence. The primary investment focus? Platinum group metals, gold and silver. 



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