Neal Froneman, SBGL, Platinum Group Metals

It starts with the CEO and Neal, CEO of Sibanye-Stillwater, has, all of a sudden, created the WORLD'S #1 PLATINUM PRODUCER, AND #2 PALLADIUM MINER. That is extraordinary. Extraordinary because the platinum group metals are the rarest elements on the planet, needed throughout society. Extraordinary because Neal has assembled a remarkable asset portfolio, built with excellent timing, from the acquisition of Stillwater in the United States, to the recent purchase of Lonmin.

While I have never met Neal, I have watched his actions and his presentations. As I have said before, I believe he is a visionary, disciplined and compassionate CEO. And that is also an extraordinary asset for all of us to have as shareholders, now leading the world's largest Platinum producer. On top of that, the gold portfolio is exciting; yes it is a different dynamic, but I expect gold to be revalued along with the platinum group metals.

While SBGL is financially leveraged, Neal has undertaken smart moves to reduce leverage with an intention of reducing debt and being comfortably able to pay a dividend that reflects the industry average by 2020. 

In addition, of course SBGL is also leveraged to the price of gold and platinum group metals, now owning massive amounts, in the ground, of the rarest stuff on the planet, with a fully vertically integrated ability to mine and process the ore.

All this comes with SBGL currently trading at $3.5 US dollars, valuing the company only in the 2 billion plus range, a price that I think represents tremendous value.

And, as I will discuss in my next blog post, it is feeling like South Africa, under President Cyril Ramaphosa, is in the process of getting the country on the path to honest, more insightful management. Cool! :-)


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