Maybe Mr. Market Has Alzheimers Since He Is Not On The Platinum Train

I mean what else can I say to you, Sir, as you continue to neglect platinum? Yes, Mr. Market, I respect you! I am humble before you! I certainly have my share of mistakes! But on this one Sir, you are behaving as if you have alzheimers. I am sure that you will work through this phase, and come back to your old and wise self. But today, with July platinum at $815, I think you need to have your head examined. I am not trying to be fresh or disrespectful. I am simply urging you to seek professional help. There are many signposts that have motivated me to take this direct, almost confrontational point of view, with you, yes, Sir, for your own good. 

Bottom line, whether it is alzheimer's, or if you are in a drunken fog, or something has gone on with your family that I am not aware, I urge you to take a chaser and get your act together. 

Just so you know Mr. Market, I am ignoring you (at my risk) and am on the platinum train, seemingly broken and busted, and at the moment, without an engineer! 

But I know how this could work; I've seen it before. A broken and seemingly busted market all of a sudden realizes that life isn't so bad after all. Having come to that simple understanding, good spirits and positive energy can build on itself, and ultimately, a world class engineer will hop on board, and this thing will start to roll. Anyone of us on this train know that it will speed up, confident in the great driver and that the track ahead is clear. Those on the ground, watching the platinum train gain momemtum, will think it's a runaway. It's not. It is just speeding along on the market's tracks with higher and higher prices to go and promises to keep.

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