A Few Valuable Resources To Help Inform You On Platinum Group Metals

One of the very best resources is published by Johnson Matthey (JM), the major and highly reputable factor in every single aspect of the Platinum Group Metal markets. JM just published their "JM Quarterly PGM Market Report," a deeply thorough report available for free, at platinum.matthey.com.

Another source that I find to be excellent and a very thorough classic, market oriented approach, is research done by Andrew Hecht at Seeking Alpha. I have never met or spoken with Andrew, and of course have no self interest in sharing his name, other than to give you a helpful resource. From my observation, Andrew has been an informed commentator on the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) for years, as well as other commodities. I do have a subscription to Seeking Alpha (Andrew writes for Seeking Alpha), but I think his analysis is freely available, though I believe he also does have a newsletter subscription service.

Andrew's approach is different than mine - i'm more macro in my thinking - but it is well done, and worthwhile. From reading his work, it appears that he seems not to have any positions in the commodities he writes about, although of course I can't speak for him.

With respect to daily news services on mining in South Africa, I find miningmx.com; fin24.com and Kitco.com to be excellent. Kitco also has charts on precious metals. I have also read worthwhile articles on the Motley Fool service, at fool.com.

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